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Coming soon to your village

Coming soon to your village

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    Advantages of Shunya

    Animal Nutrition

    Our controlled environment cultivation ensures that our fodder remains immune
    to soil-borne diseases, pests, and fungi.

    With absolutely no pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides involved in the
    process, our green fodder is not only fresh and nutritious but also ideal for your
    cattle's health.

    Shunya’s fodder production processes are designed to be carbon-neutral having
    a positive impact on mother earth while addressing the fodder needs of India.

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    Animal Nutrition
    Our services are 
currently available at

    Our services are
    currently available at

    Kanpur Kanpur

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    Agra Agra

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    Alwar 15th April onwards Alwar (15th April onwards)

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    Community Impact

    The easy availability of quality green fodder has the potential to bring about a significant positive impact on rural communities in India.

    By ensuring an abundant supply of nutritious fodder, Shunya directly contributes to the enhancement of rural livelihoods. With access to high-quality green fodder, farmers can witness substantial improvements in the health and productivity of their livestock. Nutritious fodder leads to healthier animals, which in turn can result in increased milk production, better quality meat, and improved overall agricultural output.

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    Community Impact