About Us

Shunya aspires to be every farmer’s trusted partner for animal nutrition solutions in India. We understand the challenges that Indian farmers face in sourcing high-quality feed for their livestock, and we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to meet their needs and address the growing fodder deficit across India.

Our specialization lies in providing fresh green hydroponic fodder solutions through our unique fodder-as-a-service model. We recognize the importance of high-quality, chemical-free fodder for the health and productivity of livestock. With our on-demand delivery system, we ensure that farmers have access to premium fodder year-round, empowering them to care for their animals with confidence.

At Shunya, we are committed to serving the needs of small farmers across Bharat. Our business approach focuses on creating “affordable hydroponic fodder sachets” that are specifically designed to address the unique requirements of small farmers who are the backbone of Indian dairy industry. We believe in providing excellent value for every farmer’s investment while making a transformative impact on their lives, livelihoods and incomes.

Shunya takes pride in being specialists in every stage of the seed-to-feed process. We grow high-quality hydroponic green fodder in our own custom created Growth & Logistics Centers (GLCs) and then move the fodder to our farmers via the network of village based Hydroponic Fodder Centers – we handle it all. Our expertise extends to creating and meeting the demands of farmers and dairy owners, ensuring a comprehensive solution for their animal nutrition needs.

At Shunya, our mission is to revolutionize the way farmers approach animal nutrition in India. We are dedicated to improving the productivity and health of every animal while providing unparalleled value and support to farmers across the country. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we aim to be the Trusted Partner that farmers can rely on for all their animal nutrition needs.

Why are we called Shunya?



Our Team

Vijay Singh
CEO & Managing Director

Entrepreneur with 25+ years of marketing experience, merging new media with retail through ventures like AaramShop, (acq by RIL). Earlier Sercon (acq by WPP). Awarded for tech innovation, passionate about enhancing business performance online and at retail counters.

Ashutosh Malik

Experienced entrepreneur with 25+ years in the private sector, specializing in startup setup and growth. Founded AaramShop in Retail Technology & Services, acquired by Reliance Jio, and earlier founded Astrum in Training & Development.

Ritesh Dhawan
Chief Operating Officer

A seasoned business professional in digital business, fintech, and rural empowerment, with earlier leadership roles at Google India, WWB, GSMA, Paytm, and MSC Consulting. Empathy is his superpower.

Jay Prakash Chhajer
Chief Commercial Officer

Seasoned professional with expertise in International Business, Fintech, & Telecommunications. Experienced in Distribution & Channel Management, Marketing (U&R), and Start-Up Operations & Growth from previous assignments at Paytm, Vodafone & Tata Teleservices.

Dinesh Solanki
General Manager – Technology

Tech leader skilled in crafting tailored tech stacks for hyperlocal commerce and logistics. Proficient in integrating mobile-first strategies for optimal user experience and business results.

Akhil Kothari
General Manager - Market Expansion

With a background spanning agri logistics, e-commerce, healthtech, ed-tech, and retail startup ecosystems, specializes in building and scaling businesses.