Arun Ahlawat talks about establishing agri consumer brands.

Building an agri product consumer brand in an emerging economy like India presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities that can be both daunting and rewarding. The intricacies of such an endeavour, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of the agricultural sector in India, the potential hurdles, and the substantial rewards that come with successful brand establishment.

Hear it from the experienced practitioner – Arun Ahlawat, the managing director of Kolhu on his journey and his views on speciality products. A must view podcast for all budding agri entrepreneurs.

One of the primary challenges in building an agri-consumer brand in India is navigating the complex supply chain. The agricultural sector is characterized by fragmented farming practices with a majority of farmers owning small landholdings. This dispersion makes it difficult to ensure consistency in product quality and supply. Additionally, the infrastructure for transportation and storage is often inadequate, leading to significant post-harvest losses.

Arun Ahlawat on Krishi Rishi

Market penetration is another significant hurdle. India’s vast and diverse geography comes with varied consumer preferences and cultural nuances. Establishing a brand that appeals universally across different states and consumer segments requires deep market understanding and significant customization of marketing strategies.

Despite these challenges, the opportunities in the Indian agri-consumer market are immense. With over 1.3 billion consumers, the market size itself is a massive advantage or as Arun talks about experiential brands. Urbanization and rising incomes are leading to increased demand for processed and high-quality agricultural products. This shift presents a lucrative opportunity for brands that can effectively position themselves in the premium product segment.

Technology adoption is rapidly transforming the agricultural landscape. Innovations in biotechnology, supply chain management, and digital marketing allow new brands to overcome traditional barriers. Leveraging technology can help in achieving scale, improving product quality, and enhancing consumer engagement.

The rewards of building a successful agricultural consumer brand in India are substantial. First, there is the potential for high financial returns due to the sheer scale of the market and the growing consumer demand for branded agricultural products. Successful brands can achieve rapid growth and significant market share in a relatively short time.

Moreover, establishing a brand in this sector can have a profound social impact. By integrating small farmers into the brand’s supply chain, companies can contribute to rural development and poverty alleviation. This integration helps in improving farm incomes and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Watch Arun Ahlawat on his views here.