Rapid Growth: Advantage of Hydroponic Systems

In the quest for sustainable agriculture, hydroponic systems have emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled benefits for dairy farmers. One...

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The dairy industry contributes 5% to the nation’s economy.

The dairy sector in India is not only a vital contributor to the country’s economy but also a significant source...

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India’s remarkable growth in milk production.

India is making waves on the global stage with its remarkable growth in milk production, surpassing the world average by...

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advantages of hydroponic

Higher Nutrient Content

Hydroponically grown fodder, cultivated in a controlled environment without soil, indeed offers several advantages over conventionally grown fodder in terms...

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livestock health hydroponic fodder

Improved health of livestock

Let’s further explore how hydroponically grown fodder plays a pivotal role in enhancing the health and well-being of animals. Overall,...

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Increased Milk Yield

Hydroponically grown fodder, when provided to animals in appropriate quantities as part of their diet, has been observed to potentially...

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Benefits of Hydroponic Green Fodder

Hydroponic Green Fodder, cultivated through soilless hydroponic systems where seeds germinate and grow, offers numerous advantages over traditional soil-based methods....

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Navigating Climate Challenges: Dairy Farmers’ Perspective

Having spent some time engaging with large and small dairy farmers in North India, penning down their unique challenges posed...

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Promotion of indigenous breeds.

The decision by the State government of Uttar Pradesh to offer a grant of Rs 40,000 for the purchase of...

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Water Crisis in India’s Indo-Gangetic Basin

Recent findings from the United Nations underscore the severity of this water depletion crisis, revealing alarming trends and projections that...

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Impact of Animal Feed Production on Land Degradation

Land degradation poses a significant threat to India’s agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability. According to recent data from the UNCCD,...

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Shunya Milk Gap in productivity

40% gap in milk production capability, India vs World

India’s status as the world’s largest producer of milk is well-established, a position it has maintained for several years. However,...

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