Impact of Grassland Reduction on Small Dairy Farmer of India

Grasslands, grazing lands or pastures, are crucial for the agricultural economy, particularly for countries like India where dairy farming plays...

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Challenges & Solutions in Managing Livestock Feed Contamination in India

In the backdrop of global concerns surrounding food safety, developing nations like India face unique and compounded challenges in managing...

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green fodder shortage

Acute green fodder shortage.

India caters to approximately 20% of the world’s livestock population and about 17.5% of the human population on just 2.3%...

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Shunya: From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Innovation

In Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language that shapes India’s cultural, historical, linguistic heritage, “shunya” (शून्य) translates to “zero” or “void.”...

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fat and SNF impact due to hydroponic fodder shunya

Hydroponic Green Fodder – its impact on Fat & SNF content

Hydroponic green fodder, like the kind produced by Shunya, us grown in controlled environments of our GLC using water, without...

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women in dairy industry

Women: The Backbone of India’s Rural Dairy Sector

India’s rural dairy sector serves as a cornerstone of the nation’s agricultural economy, and within it, women play a pivotal...

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advantages of hydroponic fodder

365 availability of green fodder

Hydroponic fodder productions systems and providers like Shunya represent a groundbreaking approach to agriculture, offering a sustainable and efficient method...

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Digital Payments in Rural India – over next couple of years.

Predicting specific trends can be challenging due to various factors that could influence the trajectory of digital payments in rural...

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rural digital impact

Revolutionizing Rural India: Impact of Mobile Digital Adoption

India’s rural landscape has witnessed a transformative shift driven by the rapid adoption of mobile digital technologies. With a tele-density...

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Hydroponic fodder a replacement for concentrates & traditional fodder?

The livestock sector plays an important role in the national economy and socio-economic development of India. The contribution of the...

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Small Landholder farmer

Challenges of Small Farmers in UP & MP & role of Pub-Pvt Partnerships

Introduction and Background Agriculture is the main livelihood for 43 percent of India’s population and accounted for 18.8 percent of...

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Unlocking Efficiency with Hydroponic Green Fodder

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, hydroponic green fodder emerges as a game-changer, offering unparalleled efficiency and sustainability compared to...

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Decrease in Agricultural Holdings

“The Department of Agriculture, Co-operation and Farmers Welfare conducts agriculture census every five years to collect data on structural characteristics...

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Maximizing Water Efficiency: The Hydroponic Advantage

In a world where water scarcity is an increasingly pressing issue, innovative solutions are urgently needed to ensure the sustainability...

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