The dairy industry contributes 5% to the nation’s economy.

The dairy sector in India is not only a vital contributor to the country’s economy but also a significant source of employment for millions. According to Union Minister of State for Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Sanjeev Balyan, the dairy industry accounts for five percent of India’s economy and serves as a livelihood for approximately eight crore people. This underscores the crucial role small dairy farmers play in sustaining the nation’s economy and supporting rural livelihoods.

Recognizing the importance of the dairy sector, the central government has been working tirelessly to bolster its growth and profitability. Efforts are underway to meet the escalating demand for milk while ensuring the welfare of small-scale dairy farmers. One such initiative has been the introduction of new schemes aimed at boosting the population of native breed animals and enhancing milk availability. These efforts are yielding positive results, contributing to the overall development and sustainability of the dairy industry in India.

The resilience and dedication of small dairy farmers across the country are fundamental to the success of India’s dairy sector. Their hard work not only drives economic growth but also ensures the availability of nutritious dairy products for millions of people. As the government continues to implement supportive policies and schemes, small dairy farmers remain at the heart of India’s journey towards a prosperous and sustainable dairy industry.