Acute green fodder shortage.

India caters to approximately 20% of the world’s livestock population and about 17.5% of the human population on just 2.3% of the world’s land area. The human population is increasing at a pace of 1.6% per annum, while the livestock population is increasing at a rate of 0.66% per year. Theses increasing human and animal populations are fighting tooth and nail for land resources for food and fodder production, respectively. As a result, cultivated fodders occupy only 4% of the entire cultivable land in the country. Presently, the country faces a net shortfall of 35.6% green fodder, 10.5% dry crop leftovers, and 44% concentrate feed ingredients. The option for increasing land area under fodder cultivation is very limited. Hence, it is big challenge in front of us to utilize the available meagre land wisely with its fullest potential to produce the fodders for the animals.

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