Empowering Local Entrepreneurs: Join the Hydroponic Fodder Revolution

Shunya offers hydroponic green fodder, providing a natural, chemical-free nourishment option for the small dairy farmers’ livestock. This innovative technology-backed solution offers fresh and nutritious fodder year-round, directly to farmers’ doorstep, ensuring animals get the best in terms of health and productivity.

Not only is it sustainable and eco-friendly, contributing positively to the environment, but it also supports the enhancement of rural livelihoods by ensuring an abundant supply of quality fodder. This results in healthier animals and, consequently, improved agricultural output and income for farmers.

With Shunya expanding into various regions, it introduces opportunities for local entrepreneurs to become part of the network through Hydroponic Fodder Centers (HFC). These centers will serve as the primary source for fresh, green fodder for all local dairy farmers. For more details about the Hydroponic Fodder Center initiative, click here.